I think all of my friends don’t know me so much. It’s because I never tell about myself. My name is Andri putra pratama a simple name with mean I’m are first child in my family. Nothing special about me, my life’s it so bored life. I was born in a little poor family, my father from blora and my mother from tuban. I was born in tuban a small city at 18 september 1990. And then my parent move to blora and took me too
I’m a victim’s of a divorce family, my parent end their relation (it a stain what make me not belief with a bright love and something which can make me suffered because a passion in the name of love, I only belief with a love with that gave from God) when I was in kindergarten, and my mother took me come back to tuban. I’m not really remembered about my stories in tuban when I was a child. And in my 1st grade elementary school my grandma picked me up to come back to blora city, small town with a lot’s of love.
I’m so happy life with my grandma, even we are not a rich family. I have some best friend in blora, and I meet with my first love, a beautiful princess. But my story just likes disapprove love stories.
In lower secondary school, I started find my hobby. It’s not exactly because my own initiative, but it’s because my friend his name is made. Yeah, he teach me played guitar. He has been my best friend, we grown together and we try search meaning of our life.
j-rocks, l’arc~en~ciel, and prisa is my idols who inspire me, and make me to keep play my guitar, even I’m not so skilled likes made. And I decided to make my life is full spirit like my idol songs and I love a freedom life.
In secondary school I’m comes back to tuban, and I lost all my priceless friends. But in tuban I have finally I have some best friends too, it’s hard to find them. In tuban I collect together with j-rockstar’s (name of j-rocks band fans club). I keep always find more and more about meaning of my life, I sometime I fall, but I’m promised to get up and keep looking to point I see for.
Now my I’m a university student even just at local university in tuban, but I will always spirit to learn, I’m not afraid with desolate anymore.i will chase my dream even it seem to be hard I will keep go on, and struggling. It’s all about me so simple, if you find a mistake or you have an advice for me please comment below!

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